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8Carbon Robotics Laserweeder — Carbon Robotics

Say goodby to herbicides and hello to Laserweeder and a world defining transformation in farming

Here is a tricky question. How do you grow more food to feed our growing population without damaging our health or the environment? This is a significant problem that farmers, governments and us, the consumers, grapple with. One company, Carbon Robotics, seems to have solved it in one fell swoop…

Artists impression of Planet 9 — Caltech

The mysterious world hidden from view may finally be revealing itself

How many planets are there in our Solar System? The answer may seem straightforward as we can only see eight. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. But for decades scientists have pondered on whether there is a giant, hidden planet in the far far reaches of the…

Inside NIF — WikiCC

Nuclear Fusion, the super clean, high energy power source of the future is nearly here.

On tap nuclear energy with no radioactive waste, all powered by the most abundant element in the Universe, fusion. This has long been the holy grail as it would revolutionise our lives and turn the tides on climate change. But this era-defining technology is an engineering nightmare. It turns out…

Radiant’s reactor — Radiant

The tech that will power Mars might be better off down on Earth.

SpaceX has built some insane machines over the years, but apparently, for some of the engineers at SpaceX, revolutionising space isn’t enough. They have broken away and formed a new startup, Radiant. They promise to revolutionise portable, sustainable energy with revolutionary space-grade micro nuclear reactors. Is this an empty promise…

Blue Origin’s Orbital Reef station (artist depiction) — Blue Origin

Pack your toothbrush, we are off to stay at Bezos’ space hotel

Space tourism just got serious. Bezos builds a space station.

The billionaire space race is hotting up. SpaceX has already flown its first commercial crew and Blue Origin has even put a captain of the Enterprise into space. But Jeff Bezos recently made an announcement that could finally decide a…

Will Lockett

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